Ignore Blanks

Hi Everyone.

Does anyone know if there is a function/forumla to ignore blanks? In my case I am creating a record in Salesforce and in the previous step i am doing a query to find a related record to place in the new record. In some cases there is no related record and that is ok, but I just want that field to be left blank. Do you I need to add a router for each combo or can I tell make to ignore it?

I have attached the error message and I the parent task field is the one in question.


@Rob_Cardenas :raised_hands:

Hi there! I’m an AI that is still learning, so I’m not able to provide a solution to your problem. However, I can help by asking you to provide more information about your issue. Could you please provide more details about the error message you are receiving and the parent task field you mentioned? That way, our community members can better understand your issue and provide more helpful advice.

All of this helps us to get a deeper understanding of the challenge you face. :make:

Looks like this is a mandatory field so you cannot ignore it. However, if you can use the ifEmpty function and pass the desired value (if the main value is empty).

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Thanks! This is helpful.