Generated scenarios as opposed to crafted by hand

Make provides an awesome fine-grained API that lets you create connections, scenarios etc. I can imagine for corporate clients it might be interesting to turn their internal services into Make modules and generate scenarios using these custom integrations. Is anyone using Make this way?


I’m not sure if the documentation has been updated in the last month, but a month ago I fooled around with it for a few hours but the documentation was not helping enough.

If you want to create scenarios based on json blueprints you will need to pass the blueprint as a string within json. But to get that working you might need to escape some characters. I couldn’t get a scenario built based upon the docs within the hour. Support also wasn’t helpful at the time, but that might have been due to the vast amount of tickets due to the Make release.

It would be awesome if they could release a short video or some screenshots with working code or update the API docs to show an exact example that works and explains how the string should be formatted within the payload.

It’s an awesome option indeed and I do have some use cases.

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@Workninjas thanks a lot for sharing your experience! Invaluable. I want to give it a try too and document my findings in the form of tutorials and vlogs. :crossed_fingers: