Automate creation of multiple new scenarios using exported blueprints

Hi all,

I am creating a scenario that will get all blueprints from a specified bucket in Google Cloud Storage, download those blueprints using HTTP “Get a File” and then create new scenarios based on the imported blueprints using the data from the HTTP “Get a File” Module.

The problem is: the Make “Create a scenario” module does not seem to recognise the blueprints that I exported manually from
ERROR I get: “Function ‘blueprint’ finished with error! Invalid JSON for the blueprint.”

I read here that I can use a “text parser” module to format the blueprint before being imported into the module, but I don’t understand how this can be set up correctly.

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.


Try wrapping the data with the built-in function toString.

If this does not work, try hosting your blueprints on a different file server to test/rule out any issues with GCS.

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Hi Sam,

Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately my coding language knoweldge is close to nothing so I struggle to understand exactly what you mean by “wrapping the data with the built-in function toString”. Does this mean taking each line in the JSON file and renaming it?

If so, some of my blueprints are massive, so going in to manually edit every JSON line for each of my blueprints will not be a viable solution unfortunately.

I don’t think the download url is the problem, as I can see the full JSON text being passed in the ouput bundle.