Exported Blueprint Failed to Import In Automation

My goal is to automate setting up the same scenario a thousand times by filling out a form and using automation to create new automations.

To do this, I have a webhook that fires on a form submission and goes to a Make.com module to “Create a Scenario.” The scenario is a JSON file that I exported directly from a Make Scenario that is currently working.

The JSON file is stored on Google Drive. I have reformatted the URL to allow direct download (instead of Drive’s typical preview → download workflow). I have verified the file downloads upon entering the URL.

Here’s the workflow: https://tinyurl.com/29v7w6fm

I’ll turn the static variables into dynamic ones once I get it working.

I’m getting this error: “The operation failed with an error. Function ‘blueprint’ finished with error! Invalid JSON for the blueprint.”

It seems strange to have a Make.com exported blueprint be invalid for importing a Make.com blueprint.

I did try to manually import the blueprint into another scenario, and it worked fine. The only thing I can find is from another thread here, which recommends adding escapes to each quote inside the JSON. As I have 0 desire to sort through 3,000 lines of JSON to find variables and escape them, this isn’t an option.

How do I fix this?

Hi @James_Campbell ,

I’ve copied in your image:

I don’t think the Blueprint field accepts a URL. I would try adding a “Get a File” module from the HTTP app. Map the “Get a file” module to retrieve your file and then map the outputs of the “Get a File” module to your Blueprint field.

Let us all know how it goes!


You can even run a text replace on the downloaded JSON file data, and map the modified JSON in the blueprint field. The blueprint field takes actual data - and won’t download the file from another location.