Get a task from a custom task ID in clickup not working

Hi, i have a list with custom ID in clickup, whenever i want to use the module get a task and enter the custom ID in the ID feild it always give me ‘team not authorized’ error, is there a way to get the original ID task, i chceked the URl but it shows the same custom ID.

According to ClickUp’s documentation, if you want to get a task by its custom ID, you must add the query parameter:


with the value:


because task_id and custom_task_id are separate fields in ClickUp.

Make’s native “Get a Task” module uses the standard method, so it refers to task_id only.

You should use the “Make an API call” instead and configure it according to ClickUp’s documentation- you can find it here


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hello, thanks for the reply, this only will work when you add also the team ID

thanks for helping, i will mar it as solved