Get alert in one discord channel when keyword (or a mention) in another discord channel

Hey guys.

Pretty much a noob over here (sorry if this has been answered before, coudn’t find it).
I’m basically trying to get a specific message sent in a discord server channel, when someone has been mentioned (@xxx) in another server channel. I have full access and control to both server.

For now, I guess I have to use the watch channel module, and somehow in the connection filter specify this? I can’t get it to work. Can it be done?

Hi @Jose_Manuel_Alcalde

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Please try the “Choose where to start” feature by right-clicking on the Discord module. Opt for the “Choose manually” option, select an existing option, and Run the scenario once.

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Thank you. That is useful to select where to start looking for the messages. But what I need to figure out, is how to filter only mentions in a specific Discord channel. For example, if my username is Jose, to only trigger the scenario when @ Jose is written in that channel, not other messages.

I guess I need to understand how filters work?
But to get an idea, I’m also trying a template that lists discord messages in google sheets. It works (with Watch Channel Messages), but for some reason the content of the message is not listed on the sheets. Only the author, timestamp and ID.