Get column with a specific name but it says column doesnt exist

This is the sheet and the column in question.
Below is my query. I tried different version with or without quotation marks for the column select. any idea? :frowning:

Hey @Noa

Could you please elaborate your query what’s the requirement.

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Hey @Noa, we cannot get a particular column using the URL. you can use search rows advanced and in that query “SELECT M” will give you the data of column M

Hey @VinayakUpadhyay I am using the Google Sheets Search Rows Advanced module. The Query in the screenshot above. T1 is Column M. But in the error code it says that T1 does not exist. T1 is a variable i made sure is a string. I need to be able to call on T1, T2, T3, T4, T5… etc based on a previous outcome…

Thanks for the clarification, @Noa. You’re right, “T1” is just a header, and we can’t directly search for cell values in the query. Instead, we need to target the relevant column. In this case, that’s column M. So, SELECT M will give you the results you’re looking for, fetching all values from column M.