Get Google Drive image URLs from Google Sheets and send to Manychat

Friends, I have run into an issue on a scenario I’m practicing on. I set up a simple ManyChat Messenger bot to fetch images from Google Sheets.

The Google Sheets contains URLs of the images which are stored on Google Drive. The scenario, as you can see in the screenshots, below has three modules: a ManyChat module to receive data from a ManyChat bot, Google Sheets module to fetch the image URLs Google Sheets and a ManyChat module to send the URLs to the ManyChat bot.




As you can see above, the last module for sending URLs to ManyChat is giving me this error:

Validation failed for 1 parameter(s).
Cannot create property ‘type’ on string ‘rpc://manychat/1/rpcAssignButtons?buttonTypes=url,call,buy,flow,node,share’

What could I be doing wrong here? I have scoured the web for a solution but I didn’t come across any. I would appreciate help from anyone. Thanks

Hi @1px , this seems like an isdsue with the module itself.
Could you create a support ticket for the Make team to look into?

Hi @Bjorn.drivn, thanks for taking a look at my issue. I did submit a ticket yesterday and got an email response that their team would be looking into it. I am still waiting.