Get() Map() Issues

Hello All,

I am trying to pull a value out of an array. I read here that the best way to do that is through get and map functions. Before using the get()Map() functions, I had 11 validation errors, but after I had 9. I took this as it was working, but Im not sure why the others did not go through. I am attaching pictures for reference. Thank you for your time and help.

Hi @NHI_Office_of_Admiss,

Are you sure RegistrationFields is an array? It does not look like it.

You should see square brackets on your mapped value like this if it is an array:

Could you show a sample of the output of module 3, especially the RegistrationFields data?


Hello @loic.wiseflow ,

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Im not sure why, but it seems to remove the brackets after a cycle, but here is a screenshot of the output of the module before, and how the data is shown in the auto-mapping menu where it includes the brackets.

In your third screenshot from your first post, some fields are green, like High School Graduation Year (S), Region (T), etc… but for City (W), the value “City Test” is purple indicating that it came from your variances.
Where are the green values coming from, Wild Apricot?

Are you able to scroll down some more in the variables panel so we can see what Wild Apricot output bundle looks like? Hopefully you’ve got some test data to work with.


The green values are coming from Wild Apricot, but some do not convert to text when attempting to export to Google Sheets. To fix this I used the get()map() function to convert the array to a collection using “Set Variable,” which outputted the purple text. I am attaching screenshots of the Wild Apricot output bundle

Using get(map()) like you are with the variables is the way to go I think.

Use the variables as input to Google Sheets like you are here:

These appear to be returning a Collection, which is not valid input to Google Sheets.

If you want to expand your RegistrationFieldsByName from Wild Apricot so we can see what that looks like, that might help figure out why it’s returning a Collection instead of Text.