Get Specific Google Drive Folder Link and add to a Pipedrive Custom Field


We recently created an automation to create a folder in Google Drive based on two scenarios:
Types of client / Folder in GDrive

  1. Applicant - solo applicants / no sponsor
  2. Employer - applicant that is sponsored by an employer

When they are saved in Pipedrive as a new deal if ‘Employer’ type - a deal will be created with a contact person/applicant and link to an organization/employer.

So these 2 types have different folders in GDrive with subfolders in each.

Next, what we want to happen is when a deal is marked as won > see if it has an org linked >
(1) if none proceed to create a folder inside ‘Applicant’ folder in Gdrive> Folder name: Contact Name (Inside this folder should have the subfolders) Note: The subfolder can range to 5-10 folders

(2) >If with org > proceed to create a folder in ‘Employer’ folder in Gdrive > Folder name: Contact Name_Org Name (Inside this folder should have subfolders)

(3) After folder is created > Copy link & settings should be accessible by anyone > Copy link to ‘Gdrive Folder’ custom field in the Pipedrive Person record.

This is working fine.

Here’s the initial post: Recreate/Copy an existing Google Drive Folder everytime a deal is marked as WON in Pipedrive - #25 by DavidGurr_Make

Hi @DavidGurr_Make I was advised to create another question. This is in continuation of our initial setup which you helped us. I hope you can assist us with this one again. We will appreciate it.

There is an additional step that we need to take. Inside the Sponsor folder, there are two subfolders—let’s say folders - A & B. Each subfolder has 5 or more subfolders inside. We need Subfolder A to be the only one that will go to Pipedrive as a link, together with the subfolders inside it.

At the moment, for sponsors, it does push the link to PD with subfolder A & B but it doesn’t have the subfolders inside.

Two issues to resolve (With sponsor route):

  1. Be able to copy Sponsor template each time a deal with sponsor is Marked as WON with Subfolder A & B along with it’s subfolders. But…
  2. Only Subfolder A along with its subfolder, needs to be linked, which will get transferred to Pipedrive custom field.

Application folder below or referred as Folder A is the link that needs to be transferred to Pipedrive

Initial Flow

Thank you so much.

Hi Ali.

The second part is easy - if your Subfolder A always has the same name (eg “Application”), then you’ll simply add that to the end of the mapped value inside the Set variable module at the end of the “With Sponsor” route.

The first part is harder. The Google Drive API doesn’t provide any native mechanism for copying folder trees - you have to build every step to create the folders. Which is what you’ve done so far - but only to one level down below the Employer or Applicant folder.

You’ll need to modify the “With Sponsor” route to add another Search for Files/Folders and Create a Folder pair for the next level down.

This will be a little complex … it’s certainly possible to do it yourself, but it might make your brain ache :exploding_head:

At this level of complexity, it might be best to consider engaging one of our Service Partners for some paid help.


Hi @DavidGurr_Make Thank you for your response.

We’ve tried it. It does work at some point, but not correctly.

Here’s the current setup:

Folder A - Applicant Folder search

Folder A - Applicant Creation

Folder B - Employer Search

Folder B - Employer folder creation


Here’s the result:

  1. It created two main folder

1st folder - contains the applicant subfolder (Supposed to be seen here is Applicant & Employer)

2nd Folder - It has the Applicant and Employer but both folders is empty

I think it’s just wrong mapping. Can you please review? Thank you very much.

Hi @DavidGurr_Make Hope you’re well. Just wondering if you can take a review of this? Thanks!