How to create a folder structure with subfolders in Google Drive

Hi there,

I submit a JotForm when there is a new customer. The data is written in a central google sheet. After that, I want to create a full folder structure starting with the company name from that customer. Is has to look like this:

Company name

  • Documents
  • Images
  • Videos

I got the company name from the multiple variables and with Gdrive Module I can create the new folder. But after this step I have to create the subfolders under the company.

How can i do that?

Okay, found a solution, but maybe there is a better one:

Create GDrive Folder > Get Variable (Folder ID) > Router > Create GDrive Folder (New Location Folder = Folder ID)

any better solutions?

Hi @guuyef

That is the best/only solution that I know of at this time.

My most complex version of this (GDrive Folder + Subfolders) includes a router and filter to see if it already exists. The way to solve for this is the last route on the router you can use a ‘get variable’ to return the ‘actual’ subfolder, to then pass along to the rest of the scenario.

I will check back on this thread to see if anyone has a more ‘efficient’ solution, but this method seems fine for now.


Heya @guuyef welcome to the community :wave:

I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to come back to this thread and share your solution with us. Keep up the great work :muscle:

Also thanks for confirming that you solve this in the same manner @Joseph_Accountant :pray:

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Thx for the reply @Joseph_Accountant . Thanks for the hint with the filter. That´s a good Idea.