Get Twitter messages

Could you please help to use the “Twitter | list messages” module with multiple bundles?
Every time it gives the same 30 messages, how can I get the next 30 messages?

Howdy @Armen_111 Welcome to the community!

  • if you click on the “clock” on the first module, you can choose the start date/time/position in list.
  • if you start at the beginning of the message list/on twitter id creation date.
  • each time you run it, it will draw the next 30
  • from old to new.
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Dear @JugaadiTech,
Thank you for your response,
The result is the same, each time gives the same 30 items.

The start and end datetime is in a 30 minute window on the same day

this would not allow for posts to show outside of that window.