Getting a message from Google Chat then create a task in Clickup

My Goal:
I want to monitor messages in google chat spaces and if certain conditions meet, create a task in Clickup.

Problem :
I can successfully connect to google chat and be able to send a test message into the google chat space.
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Now I want to retrieve a message from that space using the same connection. The module returned this error.

Looking into the module setting, I use the same connection with the same Message Name setting as I use in the “send message module”.

Please suggest.

Hi @naratt

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Based on a quick look, the connection in the Create a Message and Get a Message are different. Is that something to check?

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Thank you @Henk-Operative
Sorry, I tested with 2 accounts just to confirm.
Both account’s scenario settings are the same and the results are also the same.
Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Can you share the output bundles of the Create a Message [1] module, after it creates a message?

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Here it is.

@naratt What are you using as message ID in the Get message module? Seems like this ID ends on “734” while the Create a mesage output provides you with an ID which ends on “-531”.
No experience with Google Chat but it seems like you are using the wrong ID here


I don’ really understand about those ID. However, the ID xxxx-531 in the output bundles keep changing every run for Create a message module.

I use the same XXX734 for both modules as it’s my app ID.
Refer to this thread Using Google Chat Module in - #2 by Amadio_Gabriel

However, the ID xxxx-531 in the output bundles keep changing every run for Create a message module.

Yes, since every message you create is unique on it’s own it will also get a unique ID. This unique ID has to be used when you want to retrieve the message again.

Map the dynamic value from the Create message module by adding the Get message behind and then mapping the output variable Name. This way Make will add the correct data.


I did create a scenario where it starts at Create message then Get message using variable Name from Create message. Then I can successfully print it back to the space using Create message again.

However, my use case is that I want to grab any messages in certain Google Chat space and check for a keyword using Filter, then create a task in ClickUp using that message. So my scenario should start with Get message, right ? If so, how can i get the Message Name, or its variable ?