Getting Array value, conditionally

I’m trying to get a specific variable from an array so I used the get() and map() functions, but for some reason it’s not working for me at all, the variable keeps showing up empty. I am attaching screenshots, PLEASE help!
First, here is the results of the Get an Item module:

As you can see, the “text” label all the way at the bottom (under link_to_suppliers) says PALAD.
Here are the results for my List Group’s Items module:

As you can see, there are multiple bundles, with Bundle 3 clearly having a “text3” label that equals PALAD (under Mappable Column Values)
I then collected the 3 bundles into an array using an aggregator, here are the results:

As you can see, index 3 of the array has a value of PALAD in it’s sub-collection.
Here is how I used the function, since I want to get only the “id” of the index which has a “text” label of “PALAD”:

And finally, here are the results in the Set Variable module:
Why is the Output not giving me the requested id?? I’ve been racking my brain for hours!!

Hi @Uriel,

Welcome to this community. The work you’ve done so far seems pretty good! The only thing you’re missing is that your text element is located in the object mappable_column_values. To make your function work, you should change the third parameter to use the nested notation and the fourth parameter to the value you want to use to filter on. I have reconstructed your case where I am able to get the result of the object where the text is equal to “SECOND.” This is my example:
This is the result when using the function: {{get(map(3.array; "id"; "mappable_column_values.text"; "SECOND"); 1)}}

Glenn - Callinetic

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Actually, your solution helped alot! I realized I wasn’t referencing the column (I was putting text3 instead of mappable_column_values.text3. And now it worked!!
But there’s a new problem (of course):
In my scenario, after the variables there is a router, that takes the first route if the variables exists, and the second route if they don’t. If the variables exist, I need to create a subitem under Item A (one of the variables is the ID of this Item A), and link it to 2 things (using already created Connect Board columns in the Monday subitem Board) - the parent item, and a different board.
To do that, I am using the name of Item A (that is the second variable I set earlier, and I checked, it sets properly) to link to the parent item, and the name of the subitem (which is the same name as the the name of the item in another board, which I have as a variable already) to connect to the other Monday board. Here below are screenshots:

Here ^ is the results of the Get an Item module, which I will reference later (I will need it’s name).
Module 54
Here ^ are the results of the Set Multiple Variables module, from which I will need both.
Module 55
Here ^ are the results of Create a Subitem module, where I create a subitem under an item (the ID of this parent item is in the variable resultID.

Here ^ is my initialization of the Update Columns Values module, where I am trying to update 2 columns of the subitem I just created. I need to add this extra module since the columns I want to update are Connect Board columns.

But it gives me this ^ result and error! Why???