Getting HTTP OAuth 2.0 module to work for google analytics (ga4) and universal analytics (ua)

Ive added a new api app in GCS for GA4 & UA data connection to make. I granted credentials and added google analytics scope (I used this authorised domain I keep getting the following error when trying to connect via the OAuth 2.0 module:

{“message”:“The request failed due to failure of a previous request.”,“code”:“SC424”,“suberrors”:[{“message”:“Account error (invalid_request)”,“name”:“Error”}]}

Ive rechecked all settings and all is in order. Any ideas, please?

@jaco_west It’s really hard to debug things for these kind of errors on this side of the community :wink:
Either you can create a support ticket (since they have access to scenarios) or you hire a Make Expert to solve this.

I have raised a support ticket but no solution. Anyone else with a solution please

My connections used to work, now I keep getting this error, any thoughts please:
Code 401: Request had invalid authentication credentials. Expected OAuth 2 access token, login cookie or other valid authentication credential. See Integrating Google Sign-In into your web app | Authentication | Google Developers.

We really need more information @jaco_west .

  • What does your scenario look like?
  • What are you doing to authorize? Are you doing this in Make or somewhere else?
  • Show screenshots please
  • What kind of connection have you setup? What are the scopes you’ve added
    etc. etc.

Ok sure

Error 400: redirect_uri_mismatch

You can’t sign in to this app because it doesn’t comply with Google’s OAuth 2.0 policy.

If you’re the app developer, register the redirect URI in the Google Cloud Console.

Request details: redirect_uri=

Any ideas please? I’m truly stuck

I have to get offline access, & would therefore require a refresh token which I would store to use again and again, as the normal token expires within 1 hour. Ive not been able to set that up correctly, any assistance would be greatly appreciated