Google Login with HTTP OAuth 2.0 Module does not work

Hello everyone,

The Make Support is ghosting me on this, but it is really important for me to get this to work, so I hope someone here has a solution.
I am trying to make a connection to the Google Api, via the “HTTP Make an OAuth 2.0 Request” Module. I followed the exact steps of this tutorial:

For the authorized redirect URIs in the google cloud console, I have tried the following:

My HTTP Module looks like this, when I am trying to create a connection:

When I now try to save the connection, a google login popup shows up, which gives me the following error:

Error Details just give me a confirmation of the URI I have put in my Google Cloud and that it doesn’t follow the Google Guidelines for OAuth 2.0.

I have also read some other community posts, which had the exact same problem without a solution, and I just can’t express how annoying it is that this doesn’t work.

Maybe someone has a solution. A workaround where I can create a verified user connection with the google (chat) API on another way would work aswell.

Welcome to the Make community!

Here are all the known redirect URIs you need for your Google Cloud Console OAuth app

Once you’ve set these up, you can use/reuse the same Make connection for all the supported Google apps & modules on Make - you’ll only have to enable the respective APIs for your custom app in Google Cloud.

Hope this helps!


Hi Sam,

I added all the uris you suggested and tried again, but the error still persists. It is like nothing changed.

If it further helps, it says the redirect URI make gives to OAuth is

But if I put this as redirect URI, the same error still occurs.

Best regards

Make sure you have the slash / at the end of redirect URIs (you can see it in full in error details)
A single character mismatch triggers the error.


Apologies, I didn’t realise you were using the HTTP app, and not the Google Drive app.

In that case, use these redirect_uris ← especially this


Hey Sam,

I don’t know what I did different now, but I exactly copied and pasted the URI from the error detail and then added it again with the / at the end as suggested by ZB.

Now it works. I don’t know why, but something changed and it works now.

Thanks for your support.


Excellent, glad you got it resolved. Thanks for letting us know.