Google Authorization Error

Hi, I went through the steps outlined here, but I am getting the following error when connecting to Google.

Check the input Redirect URI in Googe console

I have tried both of these that are listed in the help documents.

Please try:

That URI does not work either.

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If you are using Make you need the Make URI

This did not work either.

same error since yesterday here… the redirect_uri are wrong. you can see thsi in the url call, you see and not … but have no response from the support yet!!!

Hey @GIS_Admin welcome to the community :wave:

Could you please check whether you’re using: If the answer is yes and you’re still facing the issue, could you please send a screenshot of your setup via a support ticket so that we can investigate?

Thanks a lot!

Edit: The support team said that you guys managed to make this work. That’s great to hear!

Good day. So conclusion is - it should be this link - ? If answer is Yes - it still does not work ) Same error ((

Hi Pavel,

I had the same problem, and was able to solve it using the following redirect. I found this out by checking the error message link.

Hope it helps!

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Hey guys! I still have the same problem even after testing all the urls you sent…