Google Authorization Error

Hi, I went through the steps outlined here, but I am getting the following error when connecting to Google.

Check the input Redirect URI in Googe console

I have tried both of these that are listed in the help documents.

Please try:

That URI does not work either.

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If you are using Make you need the Make URI

This did not work either.

same error since yesterday here… the redirect_uri are wrong. you can see thsi in the url call, you see and not … but have no response from the support yet!!!

Hey @GIS_Admin welcome to the community :wave:

Could you please check whether you’re using: If the answer is yes and you’re still facing the issue, could you please send a screenshot of your setup via a support ticket so that we can investigate?

Thanks a lot!

Edit: The support team said that you guys managed to make this work. That’s great to hear!

Good day. So conclusion is - it should be this link - ? If answer is Yes - it still does not work ) Same error ((

Hi Pavel,

I had the same problem, and was able to solve it using the following redirect. I found this out by checking the error message link.

Hope it helps!

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Hey guys! I still have the same problem even after testing all the urls you sent…

Also have the same problem. Any news?

I have been struggling with this so hoping someone has figured it out. When making the connection to Google if you click on the error details it will tell you the URL you need to add to authorized the the dev console under the oauth client ID which I have done but it still produces the same error.

Hey there @Tim_B :wave:

Just wanted to step in with a piece of advice for you. It is generally more effective to create a new topic for each of your questions and not to ask in an old thread. I understand that you might want the users to know some background information from this thread, but you can always paste it into the new conversation.

Thank you for keeping the community organized and neat. :pray:

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Thanks. I actually have a new topic located at Submitting URLs to Google Indexing API - Questions & Answers - Make Community