Getting Markdown Descriptions from ClickUp

I’m trying to have proper text formatting over my whole automation. Currently I am not able to get the “markdown_description” field when doing a “Get Task” from ClickUp.

Getting the markdown_description field for a task.

Steps tried so far:

I tried finding a markdown-switch like it is available for the “Create Task” module - there is no option.

I tried creating my own API-call after this documentation: Get Task - I attached screenshots on how I tried to use the module - but I get a 404.

Do you have any hint on why the API-call isn’t working?

Also would really love to have this option added to the get-task module…

Hi @Peter_Michael_Zipper and welcome to the Make Community! :wave:

According to the ClickUp API documentation you shared, the markdown description is not returned by default. You need to pass in the following query parameter:

With that query, it works fine my side with Postman.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hi Lauren,
thanks - I know how it is supposed to work when doing this directly via the API, but unfortunately it doesn’t work when I’m trying to do this via ClickUp.

Unfortunately forgot to attach the images :sweat_smile:

@Peter_Michael_Zipper Thanks for the screenshots :slight_smile:
Your URL is incorrect. Remove everything before /v2 then it will work fine.


Thank you so much (what a stupid mistake on my end though… :sweat_smile:)


You’re welcome @Peter_Michael_Zipper ! Don’t worry, I’ve done worse. I think if you’ve never wasted an hour of your time over a misplaced colon or a missing semi-colon, you haven’t really lived :wink: