Getting other data from Woocommerce webhook

Hi there,
I’m a new user. I have set up a scenario that runs once per day to extract orders from woocommerce and save particular information into my google drive, using the WooCommerce app “Watch Orders” method, and this works fine.

I’d like something more responsive, so I have made a clone of that scenario that uses the WooCommerce instant method “New Event” (which sets up a webhook in WooCommerce) to trigger the scenario instead. I can see in the webhook logs that the webhook from my website is correctly passing the order information as part of the webhook, but I cannot see what I need to do to make that information visible to the scenario. The webhook trigger triggers the scenario, but only extracts select information to make available to the scenario. It does not make the information I want (which I can see in the body) available, nor does it appear to pass the body through (as a JSON string or whatever) for me to process myself.

Sorry if it is obvious, but what am I doing wrong?


I will need to check on this, but in the meantime what you can do is use Get an Order after the Webhook Module which should get all the information that you require.

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Unfortunately not all webhook data is present in WooCommerce triggers. There are two workarounds (solutions):

  1. As Runcorn suggested, retrieve the full order data in a second step
  2. Use a regular Webhook module to catch the data. You can change the URL of the webhook in your WooCommerce backend. The regular webhook module will give you all the data it receives for you to use in your scenario.

Good luck!

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Thank you Arnoud and Runcorn. I am using Runcorn’s workaround for now but will try a custom Webhook module later.

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