Scenario triggered by woocommerce works only sometimes

Hi! First time using Make… i come from Active Campaign…

I have a scenario connected to a woocommerce store so that it should writes the new orders (all) in a google sheet. The problem is that it writes only a few, randomly, and doesn’t understand why.

The scenario should be activated for each event in woocommerce. But it just triggers when he wants it. (There is a filter, but that is not the problem)

Thanks you a lot.

There were sales between December 10 and 14, but the scenario did not run.



@Agustin This is something hard to figure out from our side. Most likely (I expect) this has something to do with your webshop not working 100% all the time. Since you are using webhooks (events) as a trigger, your webshop always needs to be able to send this event to

Instead of webhook events, you could use the “Get Orders” module or something instead.

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I suggest to use the custom webhook module instead of the Woo module which behaves unexpectedly.

go to: YOUR-WEBSITE.COM/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wc-settings&tab=advanced&section=webhooks
where you can define the events to send the webhooks.