Glad Tidings! 🀩 We're over joyed to announce our latest innovation - Introducing DocCrafter by Msquare Automation Solutions! 🌐

DocCrafter makes creating, customizing, and converting docs easy breezy with 21+ killer features:

:white_check_mark: Generate polished PDFs fast from HTML, URLs, CSVs, JSONs

:white_check_mark: Extract text from PDF& Convert PDF to CSV/ JSON

:white_check_mark: Encrypt/decrypt PDFs

:white_check_mark: Split, merge, reorganize PDFs

:white_check_mark: HTML/PDF to image creation

:white_check_mark: Barcode and QR code generation/Reader

Seriously, DocCrafter will change your document game! :raised_hands: And with flexible Plans and Credits.

Start your free trial today, no credit card required :free:

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We’re excited to help with your Automation needs!

Apologize Team!!

The link seems broken. Here is the updated one: