GMAIL + AIRTABLE - Parse text attachment PDF

Hello, I’m looking to add an extra specificity to one of my scenarios.

The general automation consists of creating records in Airtable after receiving an email from a specific @, with a .pdf attachment.

I’m integrating two pieces of data into Airtable:

  • The name of the .pdf
  • The .pdf file

I manage to create the record in Airtable and import the file without any problem.

I also store the .pdf file in Gdrive.

I’d like to improve the .pdf data I integrate into Airtable.

Instead of just importing the full name of the pdf, such as:

I’d like to import only the string between the last “_” and “.pdf”.

I know I might have to use text-parse but I don’t know how.

thank you for your help.


Hi @Julien2,

What you can do is use last and split function to get the last part of the filename that you are interested one,

Something like this will work,

{{last(split(yourfilename; _))}}

Screenshot from 2023-06-12 20-07-26

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thank you for your help, but I don’t think I’ve provided enough detail to know where to integrate your solution :slight_smile:

Here’s a screenshot of my existing solution for successfully integrating the full name of the attachment, and the attachment in Airtable.

I tried putting the tool between Array aggretator & Airtable, but without success.

I was thinking of renaming the variable at the output of Array aggregator, but it didn’t work…

Could you tell me where I should put the tool?
Thank you very much!

You can directly use it in the airtable field where you are currently using the filename, Plus, I think the formula in your screenshot doesn’t look right, can you replace the underscore with typed underscore?

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Runcore, thanks for your help!

I hadn’t thought of doing it directly in Airtable at first…

So I took things a step further by using the IF & REGEX_EXTRACT function.

In my case, I can have two types of name construction for .pdf files

  • XXX_15562788QUOTE_79422.PDF

As a result, I’ve created an additional field into which I’ll push the full name of the .pdf file using the make scenario.

In the field that already existed before my request, I’ve transformed it into a formula field, and applied the following formula:

FIND(‘QUOTE’, {new_field}),

Now everything’s up and running.

Thank you for putting me on the right track!

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