Gmail / Send an email-error: 454 EATH and 442 EMESSAGE

I’m seeing on my existing scenario a bunch of errors on the Gmail module that I’m not familiar with. I haven’t seen those before but am getting them now on almost every run. Has anyone encountered those?

454: EAUTH: Invalid login: 454 4.7.0 Cannot authenticate due to temporary system problem. Try again later. j15-20020a5d604f000000b0021b944c9ce4sm3639665wrt.15 - gsmtp

421: EMESSAGE: Message failed: 421 4.3.0 Temporary System Problem. Try again later (2). n6-20020adffe06000000b00213abce60e4sm15818433wrr.111 - gsmtp

  1. Reconnected the service, verified the connection.
  2. Paid GSuite account.
  3. Send around 150 emails in last 24 hours (well below daily limit?)

What is the duration of your scenario?

Hello Csteddy, looks like it can go up to a few minutes, but stays usually 90% of cases within 1 min

Highly recommend against using Gmail as a bulk email sender. Try mailgun and sendgrid as alternatives. They are made for bulk email sending. You’re breaking the TOS for Gmail.

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