Sending mail through a gmail with 2FA


I’m trying to send an email using a gmail account based on a trigger in Stripe (new customer) but get the error in my screenshot. My org gmail has 2FA set up and I have previously been able to get around this using an app key however I can’t find a way of setting the gmail account up with an app key.

Any ideas how I can get my mail to work?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. When using Gmail as an email sender you’ll encounter all sorts of issues. Refrain and use a service like mailgun or sendgrid to send emails. Much more reliable for sending ongoing emails alerts.


Thank you for your reply Alex. Leaning more towards using a combination of app app to trigger scenario (e.g. stripe)+make+emailservice (sendgrid/mailgun)

However find it to be pretty tricky for a non developer to set things up in Sendgrid. E.g. preventing sending a duplicate welcome email to the same email twice seems hard to set up. Any experience which of the two would suit a non developer best?

Mailgun is easy to setup for multiple domains and I think cheaper too.

Gmail automation is mean to send the odd email but the authentication rigamarole google is playing with free Google accounts is a total pain in the …

I think with a paid for Gsuite account it may be better actually. Something to consider.

If you have a workspace account sending emails with Gmail is not totally unreasonable, it works for small volumes.

The 2FA should not be an issue because the token is refreshed regularly.

From your screenshot, it looks like your issue is related to mapping rather than authentication.
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