Google API returns 200 and empty JSON - API's mysteriously stoped working

I am working on formating some cells and adding formulas to an automatically generated Google sheet using the API module with a POST using the batchupdate and repeatCells methods. Using the JSON creator module I set up the structure of the JSON body and then started adding requests (sent as an array of collections / objects). Everything was working great. Then I got to request 11 or 12 and Google starts sending back a 200 suceess message with empty JSON’s! The API calls mysteriously stopped working.

I tried deleting the requests I made, thining that there is a bad value in there somewhere but it didn’t work. Now the API calls are not working, even with the array requests that I know were working before.

I didn’t make any other changes, is there something on Make’s end or Google that would be limiting me? I can’t find out which API key Make is using and didn’t see anything in my Google cloud console that showed Make’s connect to my account.

There are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem:

–API Rate Limits: Google imposes rate limits on API calls to prevent abuse. Check if you have exceeded the rate limits for the Google Sheets API. If you suspect this might be the case, consider reducing the number of API requests or adding delays between requests to stay within the allowed limits.
– Authentication Issues: Double-check the authentication setup in Make,com for the Google Sheets API. Ensure that you have authorized the correct Google account and that the necessary permissions are granted for accessing and modifying the Google Sheet.
– JSON Body Structure: Review the structure of the JSON body you are sending in the API requests. Make sure there are no missing or incorrectly formatted parameters that could cause the empty JSON responses.
– Verify Request Payloads: Verify the data being sent in each API request. Ensure that the data is correctly formatted and valid for the specific API method you are using (e.g., repeatCells). Check if there are any errors in the request payloads.
– Logging and Error Handling: Enable logging and error handling in your Make scenario. This will help you capture any errors or issues reported by the Google Sheets API, which can provide valuable insights into the problem.
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