Google apps - requires me to setup a company website to use with Make

I am quite annoyed by how difficult is for the “normal people” (that is non-developers or non-geeks) to setup a connection between Make and Google. Every google app I am trying asks to have an API app and setup scopes. Google Cloud page is designed for developers not for “normal” people. I am setting it up but Google asks me to have my own domain, published Terms and Condition, phone number or email for customers to contact me and all other BS.

I don’t need that. I am the only customer myself because I am setting up the Make and Airtable workflow on my own account for my own needs.

I put question here but no help other than “website is cheap”.

I assume I am setting this write? Here this page says Make has a “Letter of Assessment”. Does it mean I don’t need to setup a domain and website and go through all the requirements that Google has?

I am kind of confused and lost here because as I said I am not a developer and not a geek either.
It used to be easy prior to 2020 to setup the automations with Google but now looks like I will need to move to another service.

Hi @itoldusoandso,

Which Google Service are you trying to connect to? I can review the process and possibly guide you here on how to set those up.

It is not mandatory for all of the services. Maybe this might help you set this up. This video is from the make document itself.

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Thank you for answering. Much appreciated

Issue 1:
Google Photos API and Youtube API.

I am using several of the free Google APIs and while most continue working without issues with the extenal API being set to “testing” or “pending approval” but Google Photos API and Youtube APIs in testing/pending status keep breaking after a few hours, maybe 1-2 days at maximum then it breaks in Make and I have to go through the authorization process again. That means I have to login to google website with the credentials again, then it asks me if I want to authorize Integromat to access Google Photos etc and then it works. But only for a few hours as I said. After few hours, day or so, I come back and the connection not working, I go to validate it and it says broken, so I have to re-authorize.

When I asked around in forums why, I was told because I need to publish my API app in Google Cloud not just using in the testing/pedning mode. If it is in testing/pending mode, there is an expiry on the authentication. And publishing it requires me to have a domain and verify ownership etc…

Issue 2 (new):

Then I noticed just today when I was migrating to Make I couldn’t sign into Google SPEECH API, I don’t know how long it has been the issue, I didn’t use the app quite some time. It says redirect_uri_mismatch.

I also tried this for the redirect:

The support information is not good and also incomplete. For instance the only help document I could find similar is for Google TTS (text to speec) and even that has bits and pieces from other modules, like the Scopes definition is for Gmail and not for Gogle Text to Speech here:

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