Google Calendar error [410] The requested minimum modification time lies too far in the past

I am trying to create a simple scenario triggered by Google Calendar updates, and suddenly I’m getting this error:

‘’‘[410] The requested minimum modification time lies too far in the past.’‘’

Sometimes, it works, but it randomly stops.
I was researching the Google Calendar API, and this has something to do with tokens and the v3 of the API; looks like it’s a bug.

Has someone fixed this?


According to this Google Calendar API doc, it has something to do with deleted events and “wipe the store and re-sync”, not sure how to do that in


These errors primarily occur when the target resource has been permanently removed. Hence, please inspect the data causing the error (to confirm its existence) and consider to use the break error handler in the calendar module.

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I am having the same problem, the support team said to contact the Google Support… so to me this can’t be solved

I’m also having this issue and it began recently. If anyone has found a fix that would be super helpful!

Thanks for the recommendation, I think this is the best option for now.

After more experimentation, I think this is related to some API changes in the Google Calendar API associated with the new token system.
If there’s a concurrent event in your calendar where the original event was created before the starting date of your trigger, this error will occur.
For now, I think @Msquare_Automation’s recommendation is the best option.
Just capture the error and then resume.

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