Validation failed for 1 parameter(s). Missing value of required parameter 'page'

Hello everybody !

I’ve created a sync beetween my Google Calendar and a notion database.

Basically, everytime an event is updated or created in my Gcalendar, it’s sent into the Notion database. Here’s what it look like :

It works perfectly 9 time out of 10, but sometime I get this error :

I thought that the problem might come from here :

But I tried to change it with “Database ID” and it doesn’t change anything.

If you need more informations please let me know :smiley:

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Hi @Romain_Chaize, which module is giving you this error? You can find out if you go to your scenario “History” log

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Thank you for your answer ! It’s this one :

I think you may be missing a filter on the second route. You can put that as a “fallback route”, so that if an item goes through route #1, it won’t continue to route 2

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Heya @Romain_Chaize happy Friday :wave:

Just wanted to drop in and see if you had a chance to give the filters a shot, as suggested by @Simo earlier. We’re really curious to see if that maybe did the trick for you.

Feel free to share any updates or insights with us :raised_hands:

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Hi! I had the same problem until I realize I was chosing the wrong value. It’s not Page ID, it is Database Item ID.

Can you provide the output from Module 16 please

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This thread helped me. I was getting the same error when transferring an event from Microsoft 365 to google calendar. If filter events in the Microsoft 365 module, that error reoccurs. If I place a filter between the two modules, then the error doesn’t occur.