Error - Missing value of required parameter 'page'

Hello everyone! I’m trying an automation between 2 Notion databases, one private and the other one public. But I’m getting and error when an entry has been updated in the private database, and I don’t know why :sob:.
These are the screenshots of the error:

and the downloaded blueprint:
blueprint.json (387.5 KB)

Thank you so much in advance for any help you can give me!

Hello, it looks like your “Search Objects” module isn’t finding any match based on the filter. Can you share screenshots of how your “Update a database item” module & “search objects” module are set up?

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Sure, this is the screenshot from the Update Database Item

Search Objects:


Thank You!

Thank you - the logic looks correct to me. The source of the error seems to be from the “Search Objects” module, where the automation doesn’t find any match for “Corresponding ID” equals “ID”.
One way you can check this is by seeing if the data that passes through your automation run is actually found in your Notion database.
If so, you can then troubleshoot the “ID” property passed in the filter. If it’s a rollup/formula property, the API may be returning an empty or wrong value

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Thank you so much for your reply, I will check this and see if I can fix it.