Im getting this error - Validation failed for 1 parameter(s). Missing value of required parameter 'page'

I had the scenario working. tried to recreate it with using a different google doc template, now neither the original nor the new version of the scenario are working?

i am determined to learn how to use this program with notion. All help is greatly appreciated!

Scenario link:

Can you screenshot the error on the module? We can’t visit your link

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In my experience, this error happens when:

  1. you didn’t map the page ID from the previous module correctly
  2. you mapped the page ID from the previous module correctly but that module didn’t output any result (only possible with “search object” modules).

In your case, the error seems to be caused by option #1 because your first module had 1 bundle as far as I can see from the screenshot. So, you may check the page ID that you mapped in the second module in your scenario, as that may be the source of the error.


Here is a Copy of the error.

also coming back to it this morning, I am trying to run the scenario again and it’s only running module 1 and calling it a “success” instead of Running the whole scenario and finding my error. Not sure if that due to the error in the second module. JSYK

being new to this, the community here is very helpful and attentive! thank you all so much! i hope one day to pay it forward!

It might be due to the results being empty, that is Watch Module is not returning any values.

For the other error in hand, Can you share us two things,

  1. The output of the first Module, You can click the circle in the above screenshot with 1 in it and can you share what you are getting from Notion.
  2. Can you share the mapping that you are using in the second module?

Thank you everyone, I got it working :+1: now i am facing another issue haha!