Missing value of required parameter 'url' from Notion to Make

Hi everyone,

I’m new on Maker and tried to follow a template from Youtube. My aim is to convert a CSV file into Notion.
Here is the link of the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIHub8BZCsg

I followed everything and it was going nice since my “HTTP” module gave me this message ;

Validation failed for 1 parameter(s).

  • Missing value of required parameter ‘url’.

The guy from the video doesn’t have any problem and I searched by myself and on the forum but I didn’t find any answer. I join you some screenshots and I am open to any help :slight_smile:


Hello Tim,
Based on the error, the Notion page processed by the automation doesn’t have any file in the “Fichier” property. Is that possible? If so, you may first ensure that the “Fichier” property in Notion is populated, and then rerun the scenario to test if it works. Otherwise, we can continue troubleshooting

Thanks for your quick answer.

My filed is placed in the “Fichier” proprerty in my Notion table as you can see in the screenshot (Mai000313019).

I tried to delete it and put it again, to restart the scenario also but it doesn’t change anything :confused:

Maybe the file isn’t well placed, I did exactly the same as the video showed.

Thanks for your help !

Try deleting the two empty Notion database pages and rerunning the scenario. It could be that those pages are being processed first, and since they have no file, the module fails


This was it ! I deleted all empty lines and it works now !

Thank you so much :slight_smile: !!

Have a nice day