Google Calendar Event ID not showing up

Hi I am trying to update a google calendar event when someone registers to my workshop, but when I try to search for the event ID, the oldest event is from 2022.

I cannot figure out how to make appear events that are more recent that that.

So I cannot make it work. See screenshot

Anyone has run into this same issue?

Hey @Carlos_Adell ,

Have you tried searching for the Event in the dropdown?

If that doesnt work as well, you could also use the “Search Events” Action, to once search for your event and get the Event ID from the response.

And then click the little “Map” button next to Event ID, to enter your Event ID manually instead of selecting it from the list:

Let me know if that helped you and just message if there are further questions!

Christoph Gerl
Funkenwerfer Process & CRM-Automation

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Thank you for the fast response!!

I tried typing the name of the event and nothing came up.

I ended up using a web called base64 to extract the ID from the calendar event URL and it worked, but I didn’t like this as a workaround.

I will try using the search module as suggested and if it doesn’t work will text you here again. :slight_smile:

Hi @Carlos_Adell,

As mentioned by @Funkenwerfer, Make when rendering module pre-populates a fixed set of data returned from Google Calendar API, probably around 50 or so. So, there is a high chance that your event will not be part of the Select Menu as it is not intended to be used that way, by which I mean that such a module is used to grab event ID from previous modules and then used via Map to set the ID.

So, My question is what does the Webhooks Module in your scenario do? Does it have any info about which calendar event that you want to perform an update to? Or, Is it always the same single Calendar? If yes, then what you are doing currently will just work fine i.e by grabbing the Event ID somehow.

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Hey @Runcorn thank you so much for your response, I am a newbie with Make and I am finding myself getting stuck with the small stuff

The webhook only pulls data from a contact in my CRM (Go High Level), I use their email to invite the contact to the upcoming workshop.

The event is in my Google calendar and I intend to update the event by inviting the new user so they receive a Google invite apart from the emails that I send as reminders.

I have added now the search Events module, and it allows me to select the dates within which my event is located, I picked the exact start and end time of the event and I assume this will give me the right ID. Not sure though.

Using the Base64 decoder worked before, not sure this will also work now.

Any help setting this correctly will be super appreciated.

Thank you so much for the support