Google Calendar Events Color

I creates new events in a calendar with the Google Calendar, Create An Event.
This event has an attribute called color. This setting has 11 or something predefined color set.
It is possible to map this attribute, but it looks like the only values I get to work is from 1 to 11.
Where do these predefined values come from?
Can I change them?
Can I map to a given color set in any way?
I have tried to set an text that looks like the color sets we can choose from: #7ae7bf (#1d1d1d)
This does not work.

PS: One color set contains of a foreground color and a background color.

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Looks like you cannot create custom colours for individual events, only select from the colours 1-11.

The only way to have a custom colour is to set the entire calendar’s default colour, which you can customise.


So these 11 colors are hard coded into the create event block. That was not a very good design.
Anyone know of a way to come around this?

I have pointed out the only known workaround above. You can create a new calendar for each custom colour you want.


Just to clarify the above - this is a Google calendar limitation, and is not a Make integration bug.

I see. The google api just takes an colorId(int) as a parameter.


Yes, that is correct. It’s either an oversight, or purposely designed that way, likely the latter.