Google Cloud Speech Fails to authorize a connection

I’ve been trying to set up Google Cloud Speech but to no avail. I keep running into the same error when attempting to verify my account in the Google Oauth screen. I receive the following error: Error 400: redirect_url_mismatch

I followed the how-to guide here

I did a search on the Q&A and found a similar topic by @cryophobic re Google Cloud Text-to-Speech Fails to authorize a connection

I tried to use the redirect urls from that post (and other posts) but to no avail

I am only using OAuth

I just keep ending up with this

Completely stuck at this stage. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Did you find a solution ?
Got the same problem here :confused:

Still stuck I’m afraid. If this is not an isolated incident, then hopefully Support will look more closely at this topic.

Still no answer from tech support.

Did you tried to work directly with the API ?