Google Cloud Vision Update - Any News?

Hello @vendy I saw this post from @samliew about Google Cloud Vision, and I wonder if there is an available module in Make we can use. A few weeks ago, I developed a scenario using the Cloud Vision module, but now in a new scenario in another organization, it is not available.

Is there any WA for this?

Hey there @Rafael_Sanchez :wave:

Google Cloud Vision had an end-of-life on the 23rd of January and the app API will run until the 31st of March for existing scenarios. This app will be replaced with Google Vertex integration on Make. Our developers are currently working on implementing this app right now and we will inform you about the release date as soon as we have more information.

Thank you for your patience :pray:


Have you tried copying and pasting the old scenario’s modules? Would that work?

You can select “Copy modules”, and paste the JSON temporarily into your text editor.

Then login to the other account and paste in a new scenario.


unfortunately, it was from a previous client and I have no access to that org.

Thanks @vendy, I hope this implementation happens soon :grinning:

I went back to check my scenarios, but I realise I’ve have been using the OpenAI Vision module instead, I decided not to go with Cloud Vision in the end, sorry.


@samliew are you using OpenAI Vision to convert PDF to text?

Hi @vendy, I received an Email yesterday about the replacement through the Vertex AI integration.
May I ask if it’s planned to add modules which are OCR (handwriting, text in PDFs…) focussed or if this is meant to be done through the “Make an API Call” module?

I’m asking because the Cloud Vision modules have been heavily focussed on the OCR use-case whereas the Vertex AI modules seem to be heavily focussed on the gen-AI use-cases and I would like to avoid doing the work twice. Setting up everything with the “Make an API Call” module and then the modules supporting this are released.

Thank you in advance! :pray:

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Hey there @Richard_Johannes :wave:

Thank you for raising this question here. We do not have any additional features planned to support OCR, for the time being, as with the Analyze Image/Video module you can do the same. Indeed, this module doesn’t work with PDFs or other types of files so our developer team will look into this. I’ll get back to you as soon as I have some information regarding this issue. :pray:

Yesterday, we sent an email to our users who have Google Vision integrated into their scenarios to inform them about the change to Google Vertex AI. I’m sharing the info from said email on behalf of the community.

Microsoft has deprecated the API for Google Cloud Vision and, as a result, we have deprecated our Google Cloud Vision app as well.

However, we have released a **new app, [Google Vertex AI (Gemini)]Our new app has a module Analyze Image/Video that offers new capabilities in image recognition, as well as additional modules to Create a Text Prompt (text-bison), Create a Chat Prompt (chat-bison), and Create a Chat Prompt (gemini-pro).

Although the Google Cloud Vision API service will continue to be available until March 31, 2024, we recommend that you update your scenarios to use the new Google Vertex AI (Gemini) app as soon as possible .


Hello everyone @here :wave:

We wanted to inform you that the Google Cloud Vision app is now once again available for all our users.


It seems like there may be some confusion here (unless I’m wrong).

The Google Vision API is still in active development and is not being deprecated.

The legacy version of Google AutoML Vision is being deprecated at the end of March 2024 and is being replaced by Google Vertex AI.

Am I correct @Michaela ?

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Hi @Brettlewis thanks a lot for the follow-up question. :pray:

Google Cloud Vision is still actively maintained and will not be deprecated until further notice from Google. It’s important to note that Google Vertex AI and Google AutoML Vision are separate API services and operate independently.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks @Michaela,

So we can ignore that email that was sent out?

Yes, please, kindly disregard the email sent previously. Thank you for understanding. :pray: