Google Contacts: Remove a phone number or email

Hello Makers,

Is there a way to delete a known phone number or email from an existing Google Contact using Make?

The update a contact module doesn’t seem to allow selecting existing resources and fail when there’s a null or erase value.


Edit: Better answer Incoming

Thanks, I’m looking to remove the phone/email from a contact, not to delete the entire contact.

Alrighty I have the better answer. @Zbulo
Just confirmed it in my own environment.

replace numbers

:warning: Update Contact phone numbers overwrites the entire array of phone numbers with a new array. NOT one phone number at a time.

Here is the easy way to do it, that costs more operations.

you can save two operations per contact update if you do the array edit with IML formulas instead of modules.


Thanks! A good answer indeed. :slight_smile:

While this solved it, I was curious to see how this could work with IML formula, mainly because I’m struggling with them also in other regards.


The array seems too complex to simply use the remove formula. Any suggestions would be the way forward here?