Search Google Contacts, then either update existing record or create new one

I would like to create a scenario that takes the responses from a Google Form, and checks Google Contacts for the entered email address. If that address already exists in Google Contacts, then I would like the scenario to update the existing contact with the info provided on the form. If it does not already exist, I would like it to create a new contact using the form responses.

Is there a way to set up this kind of “If, Then” scenario?

Hey !

You could use “Search Contacts” from the google contacts module to search for contacts:

Here’s how you can start the IF THEN scenario.

Here is what you need to do in filtering criteria.


I thought this was working great, but I recently realized that the “Update A Contact” feature doesn’t seem to be working the way I thought it would. I am unsure if this is a bug, or if I simply misunderstood what this would do?

I want to take an existing contact and update it with new information. But instead of simply ADDing the new information, it is completely overwriting the entire contact using ONLY the new information, and deletes any information that previously existed if I don’t provide it all over again. Is this how it is supposed to work? I would think that “update” would only add new info, not delete previous info.

Is there a way to make this work without deleting the existing info? Some of the info I could provide again using the search result from the “Search Contacts” Module, but I don’t see all the existing information listed in the results, especially in regards to custom fields that have been created for that contact record.

I will follow this question because i either need this function.