Google drive chatgpt error

blueprint (1).json (15.0 KB)

can anyone help me here?

I am getting an error everytime I run this

Hi there,

The error message 'Missing value of the required parameter indicates that a required parameter called is missing in the request. This means that the parameter is necessary for the operation to be performed, but it was not provided in the request. To resolve this issue, you need to include that parameter in your request with a valid value.
In this case, fileData.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


And how exactly does one include that parameter in their request? I have a similar issue, and I have included the correct parameters. In fact, the same paremeters I’ve included are working fine in a different scenario. It’s pretty simple: search file in google drive > download a file.

From your screenshots, it appears that the module [5]: “Move a File/Folder”, does not provide the actual file data.

Instead, use the module “Download a File”, and map the file data from this module’s output into the OpenAI File field.