Zoom recordings to a Google Sheet - Missing value of required parameter 'url'

Hey, I’m using this template https://eu2.make.com/templates/6629-add-info-and-links-of-zoom-recordings-to-a-google-sheet-and-upload-to-google-drive.

I’ve followed the template’s suggestions but I’m getting the following error:

This is what my module looks like:

And here are the bundle and blueprint and bundle files:
blueprint.json (16.1 KB)
bundle.json (2.9 KB)

Any ideas?

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Try using the HTTP “Get a file” module.


Hey thanks for the reply.

Do you mean here?:

To me it looks like there’s something wrong with the Zoom module

The url parameter does exist in the json data but the Download URL field doesn’t see it. Or there’s some kind of race condition.

Looks like the variable can be missing/empty sometimes.

In this case, simply add a filter or error handler to the module.

This could be intermittent server issues on the external service.

Handle errors so scenarios don’t stop.

You might want to add some error handling to your modules to handle exceptions, so the failing module(s) can automatically be retried or ignored. By handling any errors by adding a “Error handler” to the module, the scenario won’t throw an error and get turned off.

Error directives can only be added to an error handler route.

1. Right click and select “Add error handler”


2. Error handlers will appear

For more information on error handling, see: