Google Drive - Download multiple files

Hi everyone!

I built a scenario which is supposed to watch new audio file uploads to a Google Drive folder, transcribe and summarize the files, then send the output to a Google Sheet.

It works fine when I upload 1 file only - but when there are multiple files, the scenario just picks one of them (I think it always only uses the latest).

How can I adapt this to make it process multiple audio files?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

You can either make the scenario run more often, or make the trigger module return more than one bundles. If you don’t see the option it might be hidden in the module advanced settings. You can also check the scenario settings found at the bottom.


Thank you very much, this worked.

I already had set the trigger module to return more than 1 bundle.
But the twist was increasing the max number of cycles in the scenario settings.

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