Google Drive Folders Creation

Hey guys, I have duplicated a scenario that is already working and updated the webhook so it gets triggered properly.

The scenario created the first folder at the right place, then the second folder inside the first folder correctly as well, and then runs into an error and it stops.

I attach a screenshot here, anyone has an idea of what am I doing wrong? The scenario I copied this one from, works correctly

Can you share a screenshot of the ‘external’ create a folder module configuration?

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Hey thanks for the response @Loopz, someone in the support team suggested this is a Google issue?!

I seriously doubt it, I have been using this same kind of automation for years, and still do, and never had a problem until I switched to Make.

Here’s the screenshot in case it helps:

Hi @Carlos_Adell

Could you trigger the automation again with a test, it may be just a temporary internal Google issue

Hey @Amine_Benachir I ended up deleting the scenario and rebuild it again, this time I added a share folder module at the end and it seems to be working fine

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