How to create multiple GDrive folders from GForm submission

Hello all!

Please see my google form in the below screenshot:

What I am trying to accomplish is creating an automation that creates a separate folder for each item that is checked off in the last question. For example, if someone checks off “Facebook, SEO, Creative” - then I want to auto-create 3 separate folders. I am new to automation, so apologies for the rookie question.

Please see my automation below.

How do I accomplish making separate folders here? Do I add an iterator? It looks like this when I add an iterator option & only gives me the options to add the “# of bundles” or “order of bundles”:

Hi @rambizn,

I think it is related to the other questions you have posted in the forum, You can do a similar thing to the previously answered question.

In the iterator, simply do,

After which you can create a new folder based on the selection. I don’t quite understand what you want to achieve with this, but based on my assumption the scenario should look something like this,

  1. Watch Responses
  2. Create a Client Folder in Google Drive under the Predefined folder
  3. Iterate Over the Selection, this will be created as a sub-folder inside the client folder that you have created in Step 2
  4. Create New Sub-Folder under the Google Drive

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thanks man - such a great help!!