G. Drive Sub Folder & Multiple Data Form Error [Iterator Don't Work]

Hi, I am creating a scenario on make (integromat) and I need help.

The scenario is this:

A person fills out a form on my site created with elementor, in the form there are 4 steps in which photos must also be entered, the photos can be single or multiple.

All this data has to be transferred to a created google drive folder (with google drive module “create a folder”) with the name of the person filling out the form.

Now the first problem is this:
theoretically in this folder I should create 3 subfolders: 1 for the 2 step photos, 1 for the 3 step photos and 1 subfolder for the 4 step .pdf files

I can’t (or rather I don’t know how to) create subfolders in the newly created folder because I can only select folders that already exist and I can’t select the folder created in the previous module.

Second problem (I think it is the most difficult one to solve):

When multiple photos are uploaded to the form together (as well as multiple .pdf or .png) the output file I get back from the HTTP form (which I use to download the file from the form) is an HTML file and not the individual photos (what I want).

I have also tried using an ITERATOR but it does not seem to work.

  • This is the HTTP module with a field selected by webhook:

Schermata 2022-11-21 alle 16.45.43

  • This is the Iterator:

  • This is what is uploaded to the google drive folder, in case the photo is single you only see one .jpeg (or .pdf, .png etc.) in case it is multiple uploaded you see the .html instead:

Please can someone help me?

Hi @James,

For your first issue, for the subfolders. You need to use the “Map” toggle to specify your folder location dynamically. You will need to have the parent folder ID on that field.

For your second problem, you are not getting an HTML file from your module 42 but rather the HTML of the error page. This means that when you have several files the value from your webhook is not a valid download url. In order to help we will need to see the structure of the payload you receive when the form is submitted with more than one file.

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As a first thing I want to thank you for the answer to the first problem, I was able to solve it thanks to the “toggle map” as you had suggested.

As for the second problem instead this is the screenshot of the webhook with the related data it receives once the form is completed:

I took the whole HTML error string and pasted it into the w3school simulator to see what resulted and that html code leads to a 404 error as you can see here:

Html pasted in W3 simulator:

Multiple Files Uploaded Error 404:

Long String from “Data” part:

Data and Status Code when 1 File only is uploaded:

Also I inserted a form that adds a line for each import so you can see on google sheets how the link was being exported, in the case of single files the full link appears while in multiple files as you can see in the image the links are separated by a comma thus making them no longer recognizable as links but are seen I think as text:

These are other images that I hope will be helpful to you, if you need to know anything feel free to ask and i will provide you all what you need.
I really thank you for your time and help so far.

p.s. I only deleted the site because the person I am doing this work for may not want to show it, sorry.

Hi James,

Your files url are coma separated. To get the files you need to create an array first using the split() function, then you iterate that array and get the files one by one


Hi, so I have it all figured out and there is only one small problem left.

Currently these are the steps:

  1. via an iterator I receive ALL the data entered in the form.
  2. via the Tools form I use the split formula to split the fields that contain more than one url and split them
  3. Finally I reuse an Iterator to be able to download all the files divided by links.

The problem is that in the third step in the array there is only 1 link of two that should be and therefore when the HTTP form downloads the photo from the link it downloads only 1 of 2.

I created a video where you can see what the user does (filling out the form) and what happens on integromat and what ends up on google drive.

Thank you very much for your help you are giving me.

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