Uploading multiple files on google drive


I have a scenario that I need help with; it’s actually simple but I am not figuring out how to complete it.

The idea is that I have a form where you can upload multiple files; the webhook takes these files; uploads them to google drive. but only one file is being uploaded. I have tried many suggested ways that I found online but nothing worked.

This depends on your Scenario and how the files are coming in.
Assuming the files are coming in as an array of buffers, you’d could use an Iterator on that array to cycle through each file and upload it.

If the files are coming in as an array of URLs, then you can use an Iterator, followed by an HTTP Get a File, followed by the Google Drive upload file module.


the files are coming from a form on webflow; used the memberstack custom code for the file uploader and a webhook on make to get the files.

I actually tried using an Iterator but its either I ddnt know how to make it work or it just did not.

I am not that familiar with Webflow.
If you don’t mind, could you post a screenshot of the part of the bundle that contains the files?



Ok, great, thanks.
I don’t know what that one file is showing twice, would have to look into why Webflow structures the response that way.

You should be able to add an Iterator somewhere after that module, then follow the Iterator with the Google Drive Upload File.

In the Iterator, you’ll want to select the files array which is inside the fileToUpload collection.
That should give the Iterator access to each collection in the files array.
The Iterator will cycle through each collection and from each collection you’ll need the data buffer (the file) and the name of the file, which you can then supply to the Google Drive module.
I’ll try to build this out and give a better visual later today.


It actually worked, i was trying to use the array aggregator the whole time instead of the iterator. Then i noticed that every step after the iterator repeats itself depending on how many files are uploaded so i just moved the iterator to the end and after it was the google upload module.

Works like a charm! Thank you Donald :slight_smile: