Pulling several attached files from cognito form into a google drive

Hello there,

My goal is : from a Cognito Forms, get the answers to the form into a Google Sheet (that’s working fine) and get the attached files nto a specific folder in my Google Drive.
The scenario works fine as long as there is only one attachement to the form : if there are several, only one appears in the google drive.

I tried the Cognito Form “Get a file” module but couldn’t make it work at all.
I tried as in the screenshot to us the HTTP “Get a file”, as explained in the Make documentation, but as explained, it only gets one.
I tried setting a repeater for the HTTP module but it only gets the same file many times.

Any idea ?

Thank you for your help.

Welcome to the Make community!

If the app has a “Get a file” module you should probably use that.

How did you map the fields in the Cognito Form “Get a file” module?


Hello ! Thank you for your answer.

I finally got the “Get a file” module to work.
Capture d’écran 2024-02-15 à 08.34.12

The mapping is quite simple : I just used the same Cognito Form as my connection and put the Id of the file from the trigger. Unfortunately, my problem stays the same : only one file is uploded in the Google Drive even though people put several files in this area of the form.

I think the problem is that there is only one Id from the Cognito Form trigger and that it takes the first one that was uploaded in the form.

I don’t have any idea of how to solve this.
Thank you if you have any !

You can use an iterator on the array variable, to get individual IDs.

Looks like you need to put this just before the get a file module?


Thank you ! Yes it is exactly what was needed.
First time to use iterator for me, I think I grasp the concept now.
Thank you !

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No problem, glad I could help!

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