Cognito Forms and Google Sheets - issue

Okay so I am a noob and I’m working through the lessons but i need some quick help is possible.
I am attempting to simply pull an email from Cognito Forms into Google Sheets. I have everything lined up and connected and working then i realized that the attachments/uploads were not being sent. I did some digging found out there was a newer way using “Cognito Forms - Get File” module so now i can get the file to load into the spreadsheet effectively. So now the issue is that if there is not file that is uploaded it fires an error and shuts down the Scenario. What can I do to make it not error out if there is not uploaded file with the form?

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. I appreciate it greatly.

After the Cognito Forms Trigger, you can add a router with one route for attachments, and the other for no attachments. Apply the relevant filters after the router so only one route is taken.