How to fix a BundleValidation error

So I wanted to make a scenario wherein if an email is received in a specific folder under GMail > the attachment of such email is downloaded and uploaded to Google Drive with a unique file name.

I made the connection via Google Console for both GMail and GDrive accounts since I’m using a personal email and drive account.

I’ve set this up to Make already but received an issue with the Google Drive module. Any form of help will be much appreciated.

Thank you so much!

Hi @Chardy,

From the looks of it, it seems like the email doesn’t have any attachment, Can you verify if there is any attachment on the email you are receiving?

Plus, I think what you need to do to make it more intuitive is setup your scenario as,

  1. Watch Email module of GMail
  2. Add an iterator, that will go through multiple attachments
  3. Upload the File to google drive
  4. Add a filter between first and second module that will check if there are any attachments or not

You can check this template for this,

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