Get a file - Multiple files Notion


I search a solution for save a files include in Database Notion in Google Drive.

I create scenario with iterator but Get a file module recovered only 1 file

Thanks for your help

Hi @YeRemies, can you share the settings for the “Get a file” module (without any sensitive data ;-)).
Seems you are mapping to the Notion module instead of to the Iterator module.


Hi @AutoPilots
No i mapping in iterator

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I see the “Get a file” module is not the last one. Do you have an error after this module?
If so, you can unlink the path after “Get a file” and test the scenario to see if you get all bundles as output.


Yes, i have unlink and i have 3 outputs.
I don’t understand because, “Get a file” is connected to google drive and i haven’t error

So how can we get the process to go back and process all the requests before continuing?

So the process to get the files is working :slight_smile:

It seems there is some kind of error/warning in 1 of the modules that was connected after the “Get a file”. Therefore the scenarios was stopped before all bundles (from the iterator) were processed.
Make sure that each module you add after the “Get a file”, runs without any errors.


I resolve problem
I already wanted to carry out these treatments before continuing, so I created a filter like this.

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In the initial post, you asked for help because not all bundles were processed by the “Get a file” module.

Did you put this filter after the “Get a file” module? That will indeed ensure all bundles are processed in the “Get a file” module. BUT, the rest of your scenario will only continue with the details of the last bundle. i.e. you will not have the data of the other files -that you downloaded with “Get a file”- in the subsequent modules. This seems contra to what you asked for…

Hello @YeRemies :wave:

Great to hear that you resolved your problem with the help from @AutoPilots. Thank you for updating us and marking the comment as a solution.

Keep up the good work!

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