Google Drive Oauth

Hi all.

I tried to make a connection with Google Drive and followed all the instructions of the detailed documentation

I dis it using info and ot info.

Nevertheless the system always ended telling me about an integromat connection.

I was advised by the documentation that i could happen, and so I continued.

My issue appeared in the last step, when at Google I was asked to accept the connection. It said me that there was a bad redirection and ended.

How I solved it. When in the google console I said the dominion was it included dominion too.

So, I entered in the console and erased the dominion, and it worked.

Hope this could help someone


Hello @Enrique welcome to the community :wave:

What a great job you did figuring this out! I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to write it all down and share it with the community. I am certain that this will help many, thank you! :purple_heart: