Google drive to instagram Scenario

I followed all the steps to post from google drive to Instagram. I have integrated google cloud platforms client id and Client secret to google drive in everything is running smooth without error but when I see in Instagram page, I could not find the posts. below is the image of my scenario

from google drive I used HTTPS

can someone help me with the issue here

HI @Saiteja_Tirunagari

Please make sure you fulfill these , looks like it doesnot accept the google drive links ,it should be public link and should fulfill the other requirements

Thank you

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Hi @Saiteja_Tirunagari,

I’m just sharing an idea which might work.

Maybe you could use a Webhook as the public URL if the file is simply downloaded into Instagram’s servers once.

Create a second scenario

  1. Webhook
  2. Google Drive download file
  3. Webhook Response → Send file data
  4. In the Instagram module use the webhooks URL

Things to keep in mind:
a) Check the headers in the webhook response
b) You’ll need to identify the file through the incoming webhook
c) This might consume comparably much of your data depending on the file size.